The Canadian Children's Book Centre has selected the first 4 books in the series as Best Books for Kids & Teens, including 2 starred selections!




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"These hi/lo books tackle difficult teen problems in an easy-to-read style."

School Library Journal


"Podium Sports Academy is a great concept. Take the pressures of a regular high school experience and dial them up tenfold."

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"a no-fear approach to writing about serious issues that have resonance with real life."

CM Magazine


"The writing is accessible to high-school students reading below grade level."



"The series is designed to connect with teens by dramatically leading them through the possibilities their choices create and offering wholesome suggestions for successful outcomes . . . the series should be available in all middle years school libraries." Highly Recommended

CM Magazine


"The characters in [Podium Sports Academy] are not only involved in a variety of sports, but they also represent the various nationalities that we see in Canada. The books provide teens with the opportunity to talk about what might be happening in their own lives and to see how the characters in each story deal with the issues."

Canadian Children's Book News


"a perfect choice for the young reader in your life, especially if he or she is a reluctant reader."

—Joe Pelletier, HockeyBookReviews.com


"Carrie and Aaron are believable, sympathetic characters dealing with realistic situations that many teens can relate to. Their interactions with friends and family ring true, and the balance between school and sports is well done. Nicholson writes with a deft touch that will appeal to many readers."

—Sister's Library


"The series promises to be a hit with both boys and girls, sports-minded or not, and will fill a need for sports fiction at the middle and senior years." Highly Recommended

CM Magazine