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   Residential Schools  
  Video_RS Prime Minister Stephen Harper's apology on behalf of the Government of Canada on June 11, 2008.  
  Video_RS Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin discuss Canada's attempt to commit "cultural genocide" against aboriginal peoples on May 29, 2015.  
  Video_RS Watch a Canadian Residential School Propaganda Video from 1955.  
  Video_RS Watch the closing events of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  
  Video_RS Watch Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's speech at the release of the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada in Ottawa on December 15, 2015  
  Audio_RS Listen to Minister of Aboriginal Indigenous and Northern Affairs Carolyn Bennett on CBC The Current  
  Audio_RS Listen to author Melanie Florence discuss the book on CBC Metro Morning  
  Audio_RS Listen to Survivor's stories at the online exhibition Where Are the Children?.  
  Chinese Head Tax  

Sid Chow talks about Chinese immigrants adopting false identities in
order to reunite with their families in Canada


More from Sid Chow:

Chow discusses the impact of the head tax on his family,
the only Chinese family in Battleford Saskatchewan in the 1950s



Past National Director of Chinese Canadian National Council Walter Tom discusses
his participation in the head tax redress campaign


Pierre Berton discusses the CPR and the hardships of

early Chinese immigrants in Canada



Judi Michelle Young talks about her father's employment with the CPR. 


Keith Lock talks about his grandmother and her publicized arrival in Toronto in 1909. 

  Judi Michelle Young describes her father's experience bringing his family to Canada and affording the head tax.   

Douglas Young, the first Chinese-Canadian Member of Parliament, describes the significance of the WWII era to Chinese-Canadian history. 


Hank Wong talks about Operation Oblivion, a guerilla unit dispatched to Hong Kong during the Second World War. 

  Keith Lock describes his parents' immigration dilemma, as his mother – a war bride – was prevented from entering Canada.   

Albert Lee talks about his father's arranged marriage in China as a Canadian citizen, and the arrival of his mother and sister in Halifax years later. 

  Vera Pon, the wife of a head tax payer, reacts to the apology from the Harper Government.   

  Komagata Maru   
  Listen Listen to Dr. Brij V. Lal discuss why Indian immigrants came to Canada.   
  Video Watch as Ali Kazimi talks about Canada’s white only policy.  
  Listen Listen to Dr. Peter Ward talk about the general public’s attitudes toward Asian immigration.   
  Video Watch Professor Hugh Johnston set the scene for the voyage and what happened when the ship arrived in Vancouver.  
  Video Watch as Doreen Indra talks about racism in the media and how it affected society’s perception of the immigrants, as well as the Indian community.  
  Video Watch Ajmer Rode talk about his many forms of writing about the Komagata Maru story.   
  Video Watch Jas Toor and Rajwant Singh Toor, pictured here, as they talk about their grandfather’s experience as a passenger aboard the Komagata Maru.  
  Video Watch Tejpal Singh Sandhu talk about his great-grandfather Gurdit Singh.   

  Italian Internment  
  Video-Italian Watch James McCreath discuss his grandfather James Franceschini's experiences coming to Canada and his business career.   
  Video-Italian Watch James McCreath describe his childhood.   
  Video-Italian Watch Toni Ciccarelli describe her experience being taken away by the RCMP from her job at the post office, fingerprinted, and told she was a Fascist.  
  Video-Italian Watch Fernanda Colangelo as she talks about the role of informants in creating fear in the Italian community and targeting individuals for arrest by the RCMP.  
  Video-Italian Watch Doug Brombal talk about his father Nereo Brombal's experiences.    
  Video-Italian Watch Frank Martinello discuss the impact on his family.  
  Video-Italian Watch Antionette Olivieri as she describes her husband as a 12-year-old and his experiences visiting his father as a prisoner at the CNE grounds in Toronto and then Petawawa.   
  Video-Italian Watch Maurice Poggi discuss his father, Vincenzo Poggi, and his experience painting in the camps and artwork during the war.   
  Video-Italian Watch Eugene William Guagneli discuss the experience of having his mother taken away.    
  Video-Italian Watch Attilio Girardi as he describes his father's experiences at the Kananaskis camp where Italian and German internees laboured on public works for the government.   
  Video-Italian Watch Mary Thornton as she describes how her family changed their name to avoid trouble and help Mary get a job.  
  Video-Italian Watch Geno Scattolon talk about his family's experience.  
  Video-Italian Watch John Edward De Toro discuss bullying and how he was treated at school.   
  Video-Italian Watch Gloria Costantini Giroux, who was a child at the time of internment, discuss her family situation after her father was interned and the role her older sister played.   
  Video-Italian Watch Elio Salciccioli describe his experiences as a boy watching the RCMP raid his home; his father, a Hamilton streelworker, was locked out of his job until he was cleared by the RCMP.   
  Video-Italian Watch Dominic Nardocchio Jr. talk about his father's experience, including the RCMP's arbitrary failure to release him.  
  Video-Italian Watch Attilio Girardi as he talks about his father's attempt at getting released, and the reliance of government authorities on secret informants whose information was often false.   
  Video-Italian Watch Joseph Mastromonaco as he eloquently describes the emotional impact on himself as a boy and later in life of the absence of his father due to the internment.  
  Video-Italian Watch Antonia Maria (Ninetta) Ricci discuss her experience.  
  Video-Italian Watch Frank Iacobucci discuss his family's experience during the Second World War.   
  Video-Italian Watch Giulette Doganieri talk about the shame she felt about her father being interned and how she felt she could not talk about it to her children and others.