Real Love is a new collection of hi/lo YA novels that focus on realistic teen relationships. The novels feature diverse teen characters in contemporary settings as they experience love, romance, dating, sex, body image, LGBTQ issues, and more.

From authors who write from real-world experience, these contemporary YA romances will engage the most reluctant teen readers.



Just Julian

A young gay man finds the courage to stand up for himself
in an LGBTQ twist on Romeo and Juliet.

Themes: LGBTQ+, bullying, diversity & multiculturalism

Romeo for Real

When Romeo's homophobic friends can't accept him as gay, he must prove that his love for Julian is real.

Themes: LGBTQ+, bullying, diversity & multiculturalism

You're You

Freyja has always identified as a lesbian, but when she falls for Sanjay, the Gay-Straight Alliance accuses her of "going straight."
Will she take a chance on love in an unexpected place?

Themes: LGBTQ+, bisexuality, social activism, dating & sex



True to You

In the bizarre world of pro wrestling, can Jorge steer his persona away from offensive stereotypes, find love and be true to himself as a gay guy?

Themes: LGBTQ+, stereotypes, homophobia,
socioeconomic status, dating & sex