In a Heartbeat

A romance about a trans teen boy who wants to get away to reinvent himself, only to find someone who loves him for who he is.

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Walk This Way

A romance about a teen who feels he has to hide the fact that he does drag to get a boyfriend.

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The Love Code

A lesbian teen romance set in the competitive world of technology and robotics.

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The Player

A gay hockey player in a secret relationship with a teammate worries how coming out will affect their chances in the sport.

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We Three

A teen finds romance at summer camp and becomes the centre of a polyamorous relationship with two very different partners.

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Rez Runaway

Raised on an Indian reserve, seventeen-year-old Joe Littlechief runs away when his devout Christian community discovers he is gay.

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You're You

A believable portrayal of a politically active LGBTQ teen who has always identified as a lesbian. When Freyja finds herself attracted to a South Asian boy, she comes to a new identity for herself as bisexual.

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Same Love

When Adam reveals to his devout parents that he's gay, they send him to a Christian camp. But when he meets Paul, Adam realizes it's impossible to bury his attraction and "straighten out."

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