We Three

A teen finds romance at summer camp and becomes the centre of a polyamorous relationship with two very different partners.

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A young woman follows her heart to find her voice in a modern LGBT retelling of a classic fairy tale.

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A young woman's kindness, inventiveness, and hard work earn her love in a modern LGBT retelling of Cinderella.

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Just Julian

A young gay man finds the courage to stand up for himself in an LGBTQ twist on Romeo and Juliet. Romeo gives Julian the strength to face his depression and take a stand against homophobia.

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Romeo for Real

A young man comes to terms with his sexuality in a modern retelling of a Shakespearean classic. When Romeo's homophobic friends can't accept him as gay, he must prove that his love for Julian is real.

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True to You

In the bizarre world of pro wrestling, a teenage hopeful finds a relationship where he can be true to himself as a gay guy.

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You're You

A believable portrayal of a politically active LGBTQ teen who has always identified as a lesbian. When Freyja finds herself attracted to a South Asian boy, she comes to a new identity for herself as bisexual.

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Follow Your Heart

Nisha has always been a good Tamil daughter. Her parents want her to become a doctor or an engineer but what she really loves is writing… and her classmate, Todd. Can love conquer obligation?

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Love Is Love

Overweight and unhappy, Emmy is surprised when Jude is interested in her. Jude is transgender and Emmy has to decide if she can to put her own true self on the line for real love.

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Same Love

When Adam reveals to his devout parents that he's gay, they send him to a Christian camp. But when he meets Paul, Adam realizes it's impossible to bury his attraction and "straighten out."

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