are edgy, fast-paced novels that combine real-world themes and believable characters to make for short, heart-stopping books — sure to engage the most reluctant reader.


None  None On the run

Themes: Addiction, Gambling, Crime, Sexual harassment, Bullying

A teen has to come to terms with his life when online car-racing and reality collide.

Themes: Juvenile detention, Theft,  Criminal sentencing, Alcohol & drugs

A teen fears that years in juvenile detention have made it impossible for him to make a life in the outside world.

Themes: Juvenile detention, Break and enter, Community work, Alcohol & drugs

A teen realizes the only way to stop ending up back in juvenile detention is to take responsibility for his decisions.



Themes: Law & crime, Homelessness & poverty, Bullying, Parents

Angry with his family, Zaine trashes a shed and ends up in trouble with the police. In order to avoid a criminal record, he goes into a restorative justice program, but must avoid a gang that wants to recruit him.

Cold grab

Gang girl

Ride or die

Saving Grad

Themes: Law & crime, Diversity & multicultural, Assimilation, Peer pressure

After moving to Toronto from the Philippines, Angelo is angry with all the changes in his life. After being accused of stealing, Angelo has to set things right without getting the law involved. 

Themes: Teen gang, Teen crime, Urban fiction

Hoping for a new start in Canada, a troubled Russian teen gets caught up in a world of crime.

Themes: Human trafficking, Sex workers, Abuse, Sexual assault

A young Black Nova Scotian teenager survives and escapes after becoming a victim of human trafficking.

Themes: Domestic violence, Family, Relocation

A mixed-race girl and her mother rebuild their lives after leaving a dangerous home situation.