Soccer United: Team Refugee is a new collection of novels intended to give reluctant middle grade readers
insight into the lives of young refugees from war-torn areas of the world. United by the world’s most popular sport —
soccer — the characters in these stories will also appeal to refugee and immigrant students, who will relate
to their trials and triumphs as they experience life in their new homes. 

Tournament Fugee
Coping with survivor's guilt and
traumas he experienced in Syria, goaltender Victor must find a way to
be a leader to his team during a
national competition that brings
together Syrian refugees from
across the country.
Golden Game
When a traffic accident triggers flashbacks to war-torn Syria and
a new fear of flying, striker Abbas
must find a way to conquer his anxiety to get to a big tournament and support his team.


Team Fugee
Ozzie and the other Nigerian
refugees have to compete with the
Syrian refugee players for time on
the field. But with a soccer program
for their school and a division championship on the line, can the
two rival teams unite into a single
force for the greater good?
Golden Goal
At his new school, Dylan joins a
soccer team of immigrant and
refugee students. Getting to know
his teammates opens Dylan's eyes to real hardship and motivates him to lead his new team to victory.