Sports Stories are action-driven sports novels that turn reluctant readers into all-star readers!

Plus, they feature characters with diverse racial, physical, mental, and economic backgrounds.

Ages: 10–13           Reading Level: Grades 3.0–4.9


A young teen uses basketball to find a
balance between his school teammates
and his friends from a disadvantaged
part of town.

Themes: Basketball, Teamwork,
Class Differences, Prejudice 


By helping train a disabled runner, a
competitive teen learns empathy and the
value of sport for its own sake.

Themes: Running, Empathy, Disabilities,



A young athlete faces the pressure to
redefine her self-image as more "girly."

Themes: Basketball, Bullying, Gender
expectations, Self-esteem, Perseverance




The story of a young girl who overcomes
envy, prejudice, and her own problems with
self-esteem to make a place on a new hockey team.

Themes: Hockey, Multiculturalism,
Socio-economic differences, Diversity


In need of money, Malia takes a
course and begins refereeing
basketball games, 
including her sister's.
When Malia get pressured to 
throw games
she must decide between being fair and 
being a social outcast.

Themes: Basketball, Peer Pressure, Friendship, Siblings


After moving to a small town Maddie
Snow only finds happiness in hockey.
Maddie must find solace in her new
community after one of her new
teammates dies.

Themes: Hockey, Death & Dying, Native
Canadian, Country Life


When he doesn't make the Bantam A
hockey team, David is upset that his friend
Omar doesn't understand his frustration.
However, Omar is dealing with struggles of
his own as his brother is still in Syria – can
the two friends understand each other
without ruining their friendship?

Themes: Hockey, Values & Virtues,
Emigration & Immigration, New experience 



 Fearing for his father back home,
Miguel finds 
help where he least expects it.

Themes: Emigration & Immigration, Friendship,
Work, Depression 





Angry at class differences in his new city, 
Patrick finds confidence in a new sport.

Themes: Extreme sports, Self-esteem
& Self-reliance, New experience,
Peer pressure