Lorimer books and resource guides are designed to meet the academic expectations of Common Core Standards by:


• providing novels and information texts that are relevant to the students’ lives,

• engaging learners with multiple learning modalities, enabling them to achieve success as they complete books that respect their interests and reading levels.

• offering realistic, contemporary story lines that help to overcome some obstacles such as limited life experiences, deficiencies in abilities and limited access to resources and time.

• challenging students with appropriate levels of rigor, while encouraging inquiry, discussion and collaboration, and opportunities to apply evidence-based reasoning.

Response activities also provide opportunities for students to challenge themselves. The activities are designed to promote collaboration and organization as students write, read, and talk about the novels.

Cross-curricular applications are given consideration by inviting a range of written modes, visual and dramatic arts responses, media and technology use and vocabulary and language usage that comply with language arts, mathematics, physical education and health, social studies and history curriculum expectations.

Reading activities that pair fiction and non-fiction texts offer teachers a program that incorporates informational texts into English Language Arts classes and incorporating broader literacy skills into their non-ELA classes.

For more information on Common Core Standards, visit http://www.corestandards.org/read-the-standards/