Dear Teachers and Librarians, 


Like you, we believe in the importance of literacy for kids. We know getting kids to read is best done by giving them books that they want to read – ones that appeal to their own interests and reflect their daily lives. That's why we are careful to publish books with themes and issues that resonate with Canadian kids and teens today and why we publish them in series. There's comfort and familiarity in a series, making them easier for you to recommend and more likely for kids to want to keep reading.

Take some time to browse this resource site and our main children's book site, and you'll find terrific fiction from emerging voices in Canadian children's literature and many by well-known veterans. Our books are rich with enticing reading for kids of all ages and abilities. Titles from our series have been selected as Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Bets and nominated for reader's choice awards throughout the country. We know that getting kids reading is what you want the most - and we are doing our best to help you achieve that.



Christie Harkin, associate publisher, childrens and teens

James Lorimer, publisher