Lorimer has five levelled series. These series are hi/lo with high interest topics and low reading levels to better target reluctant readers. Lorimer uses the Fry Readability Formula and Lexile Measure to level its books in our reluctant-reader series.


Fry Readability Formula is a graph-based reading level range that expresses reading levels by school grade. The reading level is calculated based on the average number of sentences and syllables per one hundred words. Look for the Fry Reading Level number on each book's detail page.

Lexile Measure provides another approach to measuring reading ability and the difficulty of reading materials. Look for the Lexile Reading Level number on each book's details page.

Accelerated Reader software helps teachers and libraries develop reading skills, based on individual students' reading abilities. Accelerated Reader quizzes help comprehension and literacy. AR Quizzes for many of Lorimer's books are available from Renaissance Learning.