Selected resources for students and teachers

Japanese Canadian Internment | Italian Canadian Internment| The Komagata Maru | Chinese Head Tax

Chinese Head Tax

• Chinese-Canadian Stories: Uncommon Histories from a Common Past

• Chinese Canadian Stories

• Across the Generations: A History of the Chinese in Canada

 The Early Chinese Canadians, 1858–1947

Chinese-Canadian Genealogy

Japanese Canadian Internment

• Relocation to Redress: The Internment of the Japanese Canadians

Japanese history in Greenwood B.C.

Resource materials on Japanese Canadian history for teachers 

• The Japanese Canadian National Museum. 

• National Association of Japanese Canadians 

• Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre National Historic Site of Canada 

• University of British Columbia’s Subject Resources for Japanese Canadian internment

• University of Washington holdings relating to the Japanese Canadian internment


Italian Canadian Internment

• National Congress of Italian Canadians, Toronto  

The story of the internment camp Ripples, in Minto, New Brunswick 

• Beyond the Barbed Wire: Experiences of Italian Canadians in WW2 (Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia)

• Presenza: A New look at Italian-Canadian Heritage (The Virtual Museum of Canada)

• Italian Canadians as Enemy Aliens: Memories of World War II (Columbus Centre, Toronto) 


Komagata Maru

Educational resources on the Komagata Maru journey (Simon Fraser University) 

• Sikhpioneers.org 

• Historica Canada: Asia/Canada

Canadian Sikj Heritage

• Vancouver Daily News Province Archives