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Japanese Canadian Internment

JapaneseCover2Commended - Best Books for Kids & Teens -- 

Canadian Children's Book Centre - 2012


Authors Pamela Hickman and Masako Fukawa skilfully follow the story of the Japanese in Canada, from the first wave of immigrants in 1877 through the internment years and the fight for redress. Arresting images dominate the pages, mixing family photographs, posters, museum artifacts, and news archives to create a vivid scrapbook, which also contains the recollections of five internment survivors. Their accounts, peppered generously throughout the book, bring to life the imagery and facts that might otherwise seem impersonal....The book proves an essential history lesson for a generation that may be unaware of this deplorable part of our nation's past.

- Cynthia O'Brien, Quill & Quire


"an effective educational volume"

- BC Bookworld


"This book is very well-done... The visuals are spectacular and will surely be a drawing card for students... These are topics our students need to be informed about in order to understand and appreciate our history." Rated E - Excellent, enduring, everyone should see it!

- Victoria Pennell, Resource Links


"...inviting like a yearbook or a highly polished scrapbook, bursting with photos as well as historic political cartoons and posters...The inclusion of simple maps, a detailed timeline and a glossary also contribute to the readability of this large-format volume...This book holds appeal for any young adult with an interest in the history of Canada."

- Evan A. Mackay, Nikkei Voice


About the Righting Canada's Wrongs series: 
"As indicated by its name, this series is hopeful. It is not about opening old wounds; it's about remembering the past, understanding it and moving forward."

- Evan A. MacKay, Nikkei Voice


Japanese Canadian Internment in the Second World War is a phenomenal achievement. More than 300 full-colour and black and white visuals (maps, photos, document facsimiles) powerfully evoke the times they represent, the personal stories give a strong and poignant voice to those who lived the experience, and the combination of historical content and first-person accounts make this a hugely accessible work for high school students in Canadian history and human rights courses. This book has a place, both in high school libraries and as a supplementary text for social studies classrooms. 
Highly Recommended

- Joanne Peters, CM: Canadian Review of Materials


"This is an impressive book filled with heart-wrenching stories of Japanese Canadians who endured this difficult period in their lives. It is a must have for all history teachers as it recognizes an event in Canadian history that should never be repeated."

- Sandra O'Brien, Canadian Children's Book News



Italian Internment

ItalianCover2Read an interview with the authors of Italian Canadian Internment.


"Hickman and Smith Cavalluzzo have written an informative and visually appealing book about the internment of Italian Canadians, incorporating personal photographs and testimonies, newspaper articles, historical photographs and many other primary sources." Full Review

- LibrisNotes











Chinese Head Tax

HeadTax"The visuals are spectacular and will surely be a drawing card for students at the upper elementary, junior and senior high levels who might be studying this topic in their Canadian social studies programs...I would recommend this title for all schools and public libraries. These are topics our students need to be informed about in order to understand and appreciate our history."

—Victoria Pennell, Resource Links