Our Land
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Our Land

Native Rights in Canada

By Purich, Donald

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Statistics speak all too eloquently of the plight of Canada's native people: unemployment runs as high as 90 per cent on some reserves; the school completion rate is less than 1/4 the national average; suicide rates are six times the national average. Canada has its own Third World of some 1 million people.
Our Land explains how Canada's aboriginal peoples were brought to this state of deprevation, and what they propose to do about it. Author Donald Purich begins by painting a quick, compelling portrait of the vibrant pre-contact Indian and Inuit cultures. He relates the effects of European colonisation and of "Indian policy" from Confederation on, including the legacy of treaty-making. The heart of the book concerns current native rights issues: land claims, economic development, self-government and constitutional protection. A separate chapter is devoted to the special case of the Métis.

1 The First Peoples
2 The Recognition of Native Rights
3 National Indian Policy
4 Treaties: For as Long as the Sun Shines
5 The Indian Act and Indian Affairs Bureaucracy
6 The Métis
7 The 1970s and 1980s: A Time of Change
8 The Future of Native Rights
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