Niagara Daredevils (Tightrope)
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Niagara Daredevils (Tightrope)

Thrills and Spills over Niagara Falls

By MacDonald, Cheryl

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Series: Amazing Stories

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""Blondin's daring and cool demeanour made him an instant celebrity - on one [tightrope crossing, he carried a small cook stove, stopped midway, fried up two omelettes, and lowered them to spectators aboard the Maid of the Mist."" This book will be especially fascinating for all readers interested in: history, or adventure. From swimmers and jumpers, to tightrope walkers and barrel riders, Niagara Falls has attracted daredevils for almost 200 years. The spectacular falls and dangerous Whirlpool Rapids have inspired men and women to commit daring stunts in search of fame and fortune. Many lived to tell the tale, while others perished in the attempt. Their stories are amazing.

CHERYL MACDONALD has been writing on historical topics for nearly 30 years. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines, including The Beaver and Maclean's, and she has written a number of books, mostly relating various aspects of southern Ontario history.
Cheryl holds history degrees from the University of Waterloo and McMaster University and is currently pursuing graduate studies. A grandmother of two, she lives on a large rural property close to Lake Erie about 90 minutes west of Niagara Falls, Ontario.

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