Extreme Canadian Weather
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Extreme Canadian Weather

Freakish Storms and Unexpected Disasters

By Joan Dixon

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Weather is the quintessential Canadian story. Despite it's characterization in the rest of the world as a land of bush and blizzards, Canada is a country of geographical and climatic variations. It experiences just about every type of extreme weather possible - tornadoes, droughts, dust storms, ice storms, hail storms, hurricanes, floods - in addition to lots of snowstorms. The weather is rarely boring and there are times when it has been so extreme, it has surprised everyone.

Joan Dixon writes from the foothills of the Rockies, where she also hikes, skis, and plays all kinds of sports with her family and friends. Her master's degree in Canadian Studies (with a specialization in sport history) and her time at the National Sport and Recreation Centre in Ottawa have helped shape her understanding of sport in Canadian life, while stories of Canada and amazing Canadians have always inspired her research and writing projects. Her most recent book is Made for Canada: the story of Avro's Arrow.

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