Funny, hi/lo fiction that gets middle grade readers excited about reading novels. 
Comic-strip illustrations and loveable characters keep reluctant readers flipping pages. 
The perfect stepping stone to chapter books for reluctant readers and graphic novel fans.



Mermaid Warrior Squad

Shy Dylan arrives at a summer arts camp and immediately connects with outgoing Coral. Together they start a comic book about mermaids fighting for eco-justice. When Coral draws the attention of the camp mean girls can Dylan channel her courage to save her friend?

Themes: Friendship, peer pressure


The Fake-chicken Kung Fu Fighting Blues

Anthony is devastated when his family leaves the city for a remote town. Desperate to fit in with the hockey-crazed town, Anthony takes to the ice for the first time with disastrous results. Can Anthony introduce the town to his Chinese culture and start to feel at home?

Themes: Friendship, city & town life, new experiences


Superhero Ninja Wrestling Star

Archie starts Grade 6 as the only kid who has not grown over the summer. With the help of his best friend Alfie, he goes on a mission to make himself bigger, stronger and faster to impress his best girl friend, Shamini.

Themes: Body image, teasing, friendship


Alex vs. the Four-Headed

Alex gets a paper route, dreaming of the money he will make and how he will spend it. But it's more work than he bargained for. Follow the adventures of Alex's superhero alter ego as he conquers the school bullies and a yappy neighbourhood dog.

Themes: Money, responsibility, 
problem-solving, bullying



My Best Friend is a 
Viral Dancing Zombie

Riley and his best friend Finn know their zombie movie has what it takes to win the class film competition, at least until their desire for fame threatens their friendship. Can Riley save his own movie from this zombie apocalypse and resurrect his friendship with Finn?

Themes: Friendship, fame, rivalry