John Danakas

JOHN DANAKAS is the author of four children's novels, all published by Lorimer. Hockey Night in Transcona was an Ontario Silver Birch Award finalist. Curve Ball, Lizzie's Soccer Showdown, and Hockey Heroes are all Canadian Children's Book Centre "Our Choice" selections.

Curve Ball

Tom finds himself on a plane to Winnipeg, where he'll spend the summer with an uncle he doesn't even know and on a baseball team where's he's out of his depth

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Soccer Showdown

Hockey Night in Transcona

When Coach Brackett takes his own son off the front line so that Cody can take his place,
Cody has to decide what's more important taking his time to shine, or sticking up for a friend.

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Choice of Colours

John Danakas profiles the pioneering black football players who donned new team colours and changed their sport.

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Small Town Glory

How did the Kenora Thistles become, against all odds, the smallest team and the smallest town ever to win the Stanley Cup?

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Hockey Night in Transcona

Twelve-year-old Cody Powell is a wizard on the ice. For years he's honed his hockey skills by playing pickup games with his friends.

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Lizzie's Soccer Showdown

Lizzie has just been named captain of the soccer team - the boys' soccer team, that is. She never dreamed anything like this would happen when she asked if the boys and girls could play on the same team.

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