Sports Stories are action-driven sports novels that turn reluctant readers into all-star readers!

Plus, they feature characters with diverse racial, physical, mental, and economic backgrounds.

Ages: 10–13           Reading Level: Grades 3.0–4.9


Angry at class differences in his new city, 
Patrick finds confidence in a new sport

Themes: Extreme sports, self-esteem 
& self-reliance, new experience, peer pressure


Cody experiences bullying by a teammate from a
wealthier family and performance anxiety

Themes: Bullying, self-esteem & self-reliance, 
depression, anxiety


Fearing for his father back home, Miguel finds 
help where he least expects it

Themes: Emigration & immigration, friendship, 
work, depression


When hockey player Janine is left paralyzed 
after a car accident, her best friend encourages her 
to get into sledge hockey

Themes: Disabilities & special needs, self-esteem
& self-reliance, diseases, illnesses & injuries

When forest fires in BC displace many First Nations 
families, cross country runner Chris learns what it 
really means to run for your life

Themes: Friendship, Aboriginal Peoples, refugees, 
competition, crisis/disaster relief, community, immigration


 A Syrian refugee teen learns to play 
soccer in Canada and adjust to her 
new life in Saskatoon

Themes: Prejudice & racism, self-confidence, 
refugees, multiculturalism